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CBM109A archery adjustable range and tenacity biggest good handfeeling compound bows
    发布时间: 2021-11-10 14:37    

1) Newest design patent in triangle shape

2) Fibreglass limbs double on each end, totally manual polishing, double slide slope, which is with high difficult, but this makes great radian adjustable range and biggest tenacity.

3) All are CNC machined except limbs, surface is smooth and good handfeeling

4) Easy and freely adjustment of draw weight and draw length

5) High quality Cams and strings fuel amazing speed 310FPS

6) Efficient, accurate, light, fast, smooth, shock-free and very silent  


physical weight: 3.2lbs

draw weight:40-65lbs

Alex-to-Alex: 20''

Draw length: 26-30inches

Brace Height: 6.3"

Let-off: 75%

IBO rating: 320fps

Size: 60*29.5*10cm


CNC machined parts

manual polished Carbon compression molded limbs

Left&Right hand


3.2lb light weight